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SearchGuru at SITEC’s Selangor Accelerator Programme: How Startups Should Do SEO?

SearchGuru News | 23 May 2019 |

Over the last 4 months, SearchGuru’s SEO Manager, Siew Ling, has been mentoring a group competing in the Selangor Accelerator Programme organised by the Selangor Information Technology & E-Commerce Council (SITEC). The programme served to nurture and boost 30 local startups to be investor-ready and conversion-driven via rigorous training on funding, market expansion, and brand exposure with the help of various industry partners, veteran practitioners, and key players.


SearchGuru at SITEC SEO Workshop

Held on 19 May at the Selangor Digital Creative Centre (SDCC), we presented on the topic of: “How Startups Should Do SEO?” which covered comprehensive SEO guidelines, research, and insights. These are all critical areas that will have a great influence on new startup websites.


  1. The rise of voice search and its impact on SEO.
  2. Choosing the right domain name with a domain-health check.
  3. Setting the right goals for SEO and PPC based on the understanding of their fundamental natures.
  4. SEO keywords research tools and strategies to rank based on the marketing funnel.
  5. Content creation best practices based on Google’s core ranking factors and branding.
  6. The action plan for building an online brand reputation through various link-earning techniques.
  7. Web technology optimisations for site URL architecture, site loading speeds, images, meta tags, SSL and more.
  8. SEO data tracking platforms, analysis and reporting.
  9. Monitoring SEO performance and news.
  10. Understanding Google penalties and preventing black hat SEO.

The 6-hour SEO workshop ended with an interactive Q&A session and a one-to-one mentor time with ambitious startups including Deemples Golf (golf partners & games portal), Engage Blink (self-managed loyalty programme platform) and My Weekend Plan (team building service provider).

SearchGuru at SITEC SEO Mentoring for Startup