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5 easy SEO steps for businesses in the New Normal

SearchGuru Academy SEO | 4 Aug 2020 |

Since we were in a quarantine mode for months, most businesses have felt the pinch from not being able to operate in full capacity. And some businesses were not allowed to operate at all. Brands of all operation sizes were seen shifting their business model from offline to online (almost) overnight.

More people are asking Google for COVID-19 updates and turning to marketplaces for their daily essentials. And this online shift is likely to stay for a long time, even as the restrictions ease.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is one of the key components of digital marketing.

If paid search ad campaigns have reduced, SEO is where you should focus to ensure that your brand remains relevant among consumers.

How can SEO strategies adapt to the current conditions? Here’s a 5-step process you can follow to drive your business back into action.

5 SEO Steps for businesses

1. Understand consumer behaviour

As new policies and social distancing practices are introduced worldwide, consumer behaviour will not be the same like before. Exploring local search trends allow you to learn what’s important to your customers now — giving you ideas to make your products/services more relevant.

2. Identify the right products and services

In the new normal, products/services should be able to solve problems and help users. Businesses should offer alternative solutions that can achieve the same results as before.

3. Identify the right product keywords

Use SEO data and current consumer preferences to rank for the right keywords. Your keywords should have e-commerce, contact information, brand awareness and conversion elements for effective results.

4. Create solution-based content

It’s more important than ever to build trust, offer quality and support to your customers. Create content that helps consumers in their daily lives. Focus on solution-oriented content on trending issues such as health, lifestyle, work/learn, entertainment and festive celebrations.

5. Communicate to maintain brand visibility & affinity

Google My Business, maps, image search and video search are some valuable components to boost your SEO performance. Make sure to optimise titles, meta descriptions, YouTube and contact information for consumers to find your business online. Communications should also offer expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthy info to build a better relationship with your customers.

With these 5 SEO steps implemented, brands should be able to achieve quality search traffic, increase conversion opportunities, enhance brand awareness on search and forecast product demands.

Lastly, review your SEO strategies from time to time to keep your brand at the top of consumers’ mind!

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